Thursday 2 September 2021

No. 69 (2021) LITTLE TORNADOES (Cinefest Oz 2021) AUGUST 27th.


Film No. 69 (2021)  August 27th.  6:00 PM   Cinema 3   ORANA CINEMAS,  Bussleton   W.A. 

"Well, I think what men mistook for happiness was in fact resignation and impatience" (Germaine Greer is caught in the background, featured on a small black and white television, answering a question).

LITTLE TORNADOES is a small film which packs a punch with themes of male depression. A theme that continues to resonate in society. LITTLE TORNADOES depicts a time past. The early 70's in rural Australia when a generation of fathers' experiences from WWII  melded with the forgotten draftees from the Vietnam War. It's a film that could be appreciated for its art design alone. I can't think of a film that captures the late 60's to early 70's with such meticulous detail. The cast is little known but all give solid performances. And then there is the mystery as to why LITTLE TORNADOES was shot in 2009 and only recently released. So while Director and writer Aaron Wilson describes his film as a labour of love, his waiting 12 years to finally release it might just form the platform for a whole new story? There is a lot to like about this brilliantly designed social drama.  9GUMS.



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  1. Great review ! There is also the story of the women in the film, and the migrant experience that changed this country town forever., Aaron, the writer grew up in exactly a town like this do it’s all of the kinds of characters he knees You are very right about it being about male depression and PTSD because the main character is a man. But it’s deep on so many levels. Loved it