Thursday, 10 May 2018

No. 39 (2018) I Feel Pretty May 3rd.

Film No. 39 (2018) May 3rd.  6:30 PM EVENT Cinemas Innaloo. 

"Some sizing here is a little limited. But you might find your size on-line" (A fashion store assistant takes a look at Renee then offers her advice).

It was tantalising to hear that Amy Schumer and Michelle Williams had teamed up to make a film dealing with female self image. As it happens, they both do an excellent job considering the stale, preachiness of a script which lacks both imagination and continuity. So while the film has it's light, frothy scenes, I can't help but think a moment has been lost. The chance for two stars to make a "Pretty Woman" like impact film via a fairy tale with charisma has been lost in I Feel Pretty. Schumer's legitimate, self effacing style is energetic as Renee Bennett. We like her, we are invested in her beauty and her style is infectious. Her new found confidence is fun to watch, but a one dimensional view wears thin.  6GUMS.        


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