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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

No. 38 (2018) Chappaquiddick April 30th.

Film No. 38 (2018) April 30th.  6:30 PM LUNA  Palace Northbridge. 

"I could have had her out of that car in twenty five minutes if I'd have got the call; I didn't get the call" (A police diver who recovered Mary-Jo's body from the wreck under the bridge).

Another film for those Baby Boomers keen to get an insight into a historical moment which polarised the world at the time. In 1969 Edward remained as the only surviving male Kennedy, he had his eyes on the presidential prize which was a real possibility. So what happened on that fateful night in July that changed his aspirations? There's never been a doubt that Teddy Kennedy made a series of surprising decisions immediately following the accident off the infamous wooden bridge on Chappaquiddick island on that fateful night. This film has a view in depicting those decisions. Jason Clarke plays Teddy insightfully. The surprise comes however via Joey Gargan (Ed Helms) a close family friend and fixer who becames more and more morally bankrupted by Teddy's behaviour. Without being particularly insightful the film pulls few punches and is a thorough retell. 9GUMS


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