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Saturday, 21 April 2018

No. 33 (2018) The Party April 15th.

Film No 33 (2018) April 15th.  2:45 PM  LUNA PALACE Leederville . 

"Patricia Clarkson steals the show, but everyone in Potter's gifted cast gets their moment to shine in a sharp edged, claustrophobic parlour piece that puts the boot into middle-class mores". Phil De Semlyen; Empire Magazine.

Sally Potter is back with something new and quite special. It’s nice to see a film of this nature which can pack all its drama into a slick 70 minutes; and Potter has hit the nail on the head here. The party is an intense black comedy about a group of friends and their dysfunctional relationships coming together for a so called celebration which quickly becomes a disaster! One revelation after another drives this fast paced drama through to the end with a bang (quite literally). The premis for The Party has been seen many times before, but when done well like much like Perfect Strangers one of my favourite films of 2017, the lack of originality doesn’t matter. However if you don’t like chaos on screen, the party is probably not for you. 10GUMS. by Sarah Greenwood.

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