Monday, 16 April 2018

No. 32 (2018) Last Flag Flying April 14th.

Film No 32 (2018) April 14th.  10:45 AM  LUNA PALACE Leederville . 

"I haven’t seen these men in decades, they represent a dark period in my life". (Mueller, to his wife after the unexpected arrival of two fellow Vietnam veterans Doc and Sal)


Linkletter serves up yet another clear window into the power of the human spirit with his usual insightful brilliance. This time he serves up strong themes in a film where there is much to reflect on. I am always impressed by the effective use of comedy in films which cover sensitive elements and events from the past; Last Flag Flying does just that. The three leads Bryan Cranston, Steve Carrel and Laurence Fishburne play Vietnam veterans Sal, Doc and Mueller who re-unite 30 years post war after Doc’s son ‘Larry’ dies while serving in the 2003 Iraq war. The three embark on a roadtrip across the states in order bring Larry’s body home to be buried next to his mother. Cranston’s character is the comic in this film and the source of it’s effectiveness. ‘Larry’s friend who joins the vets on their mission also plays a powerful role in bringing the two generations together.  10GUMS.  by Sarah Greenwood.

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