Saturday, 14 April 2018

No. 30 (2018) Loveless April 9th.

Film No. 30 (2018) April 9th.  6:30 PM LUNA Paradiso Northbridge. 

"The school just called. He hasn't been there for two days" (Mother Zhenya phones Alyosha's father Boris to reveal a new stress about to unfold in their selfish lives).

This bleak film has plenty to say but a sense of optimism it does not have. Be warned, this film will leave you wrung out and exhausted  over man's (a couple, in the throes of divorce) inhumanity to man (their 12 year old son). It is an exquisitely crafted voice with a shrill tone. An unloved only child, Alyosha (Matey Novikov), is not the focus but he is the reason we are given a real sense of hopelessness in a society too caught up in its own uncaring nature to notice the significance of future generations. Co-writer and director Andrey Zvyagintsev is the most powerful cinematic voice shouting out from Russia. The brilliance of his Leviathan (2014) gave the western world a peek at
his insights, Loveless has us staring in disbelief at his new portrait of Russian society.  11GUMS.


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