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Friday, 13 April 2018

No. 29 (2018) Unsane April 7th.

Film No 29 (2018) April 7th.  10:45 AM  LUNA PALACE Leederville . 

"Foy takes us on a new journey, a journey so foreign to her roles as a young Queen Elizabeth it will rock you". (Promotional blurb promoting Unsane).

Steven Soderberg continues to make films even after he swore off his addiction a couple of years ago. That's a good thing, don't get me wrong and his latest, Unsane, takes us on yet another unique, thrilling adventure. Shot entirely on an iPhone to capture the unsettling nature of the plight of Sawyer Valantini (Claire Foy), Unsane is an unnerving watch. Sawyer is committed to a hospital for the psychologically disrupted. It's hard to understand why but she meets an ally, Nate (Jay Pharaoh) who goes some way to explaining her involuntary incarceration. The major tension of Unsane comes via the revelation of the reasons for Sawyer's erratic behaviour. The repercussions of that chapter in her life is alive and well and testing her own sense of reality. Unsane will unsettle those who wish to be unsettled. I didn't like Unsane much but I was in a minority at the preview I attended so go see for yourself. 7GUMS.   

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