Monday, 2 April 2018

No. 26 (2018) A Quiet Place March 29th

Film No. 26 (2018) March 29th.  6:30 PM EVENT Cinemas Innaloo. 

"Those who survived live by one rule, never make a sound or die." (The Paramount quote accompanying all promotional paraphernalia attached to A Quiet Place).

This taut thriller will likely not create a quiet cinema space during your viewing. The concept of earth becoming a quiet place after an alien invasion is an original idea that adds to the intensity of select scenes and finally the climactic finale. John Kosinski (director, star and assistant writer) and real world wife Emily Blunt play on screen couple Lee and Evelyn adapting their home and surrounds so they and their children survive life on earth. The fact that aliens prowl the earth (without sight but with acute acoustic awareness) paralleled against a family (all individually brave) we root for from scene one, makes for a tight and often frightening 90 minutes. Yes, one of my pet loves, a standard length feature that doesn't waste a scene. If you like a good old fashioned fright in a dark cinema, then don't miss A Quiet Place, it should do the trick. 10GUMS.


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