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Friday, 23 March 2018

No. 24 (2018) The Endless March 19th

Film No. 24 (2018) March 19th.  6:30 PM LUNA Paradiso Northbridge. 

"They're all like in their forties, they just look young." (Jason describes the people of this Alien Cult to younger brother Aaron).

This puzzle of a horror, thriller film will have you thinking for days afterwards. That is, if the puzzle intrigues you in the first place. The idea of people trapped in uniquely different loops of time needs skilled attention to detail in blending the concepts seamlessly through 110 minutes of cinema story telling. Especially considering the audience will be exclaiming What The F*ck! for the first 65% of the time. Its worth holding tight because most will be revealed. Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead play the leads (brothers Justin and Aaron) but also co-write and direct. It's raw, low budget creative film-making. They may have earned a chance to work with a bigger budget next time; so long as their creative licence is not restricted. 9GUMS.   


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