Thursday, 22 March 2018

No. 23 (2018) The Death of Stalin March 17th

Film No 23 (2018) March 17th.  10:45 PM  LUNA PALACE Leederville . 

"Shoot her before you shoot him, but make sure he sees it". (A typical instruction issued by Stalin once the lists of his targets were released).

This dark but extremely funny film is a credit to the stable who brought to the small screen, In The Loop. Cutting close to the political bone is their speciality, so taking on the theme of Stalin's demise and all the panic which set in during the days following is no surprise. The film recreates the timeline of events with some accuracy, the cleverness is layered in the script. Stalin's lieutenants including Beria, Malenkov and Molotov needed to find the words while bumbling ahead picking up the pieces of a cruel dictatorship. The dialogue is sharp, mostly absurd but quite possibly on the mark considering the cruel insanity of Stalin's reign. The funniest film of 2017/17 so far. 10GUMS


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