Tuesday, 20 March 2018

No. 22 (2018) Foxtrot March 13th.

Film No. 22 (2018) March 13th.  7.30 PM  PIAF Film Festival, The Pines Joondalup.

"Did you know the Foxtrot is a dance?". (A most profound observation spoken to reveal the true irony of Foxtrot the movie).

This Israeli mini masterpiece is a film described by writer Paul Auster as "The Music of Chance". To describe the film would do no justice to its poetic rhythm. If you are a parent, the themes will have you reflecting on experiences of sliding door moments and how things might have been if contrary decisions had been made. Chances are (there I go again), you won't be anywhere near a cinema displaying a Foxtrot poster. The deal with this emotional essay on the lottery of life in a war torn country separated from civil justice and order is, it's no formulaic blockbuster. This is not for the six film a year drifter, it's for the cinematic connoisseur keen to drink in a concept and to dwell on its themes for days. 11GUMS.

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