Tuesday, 13 March 2018

No. 20 (2018) Mary Magdalene March 8th.

Film No. 20 (2018) March 8th.  6:45 PM Greater Union Event Cinema,  Innaloo. 

"If there's a demon in me then it has always been there." (Mary talks to Jesus in response to just one of the labels placed up her by others).

Yet another version of the greatest story ever told, this time from the unique P.O.V. of the great man's only female follower, Mary Magdalene. The legend that Mary was a prostitute came from the mouth of Pope Gregory. The film understands why this label was a badge Mary had to wear, but it dispels that myth. Strong minded, independent women were often derided, mainly by men, because "they didn't know their place". Mara (Mary) dominates every shot while quietly seeking meaning from her life with the help of Jesus (Joaquin Phoenix). She is convincing as her inner strength and conviction builds. M.M. is a meditative experience, told in a linear, one dimensional manner. An Easter release is the perfect time for this spiritual contemplation. 7GUMS.     

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