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Monday, 12 February 2018

No. 12 (2018) Finding Your Feet February 5th.

Film No 12 (2018) February 5th.  6:30 PM  LUNA PALACE Windsor, Nedlands . 

"I divorced him on religious grounds. He thought he was god and I didn't" (Jackie (Joanna Lumley) reports on the outcome of the most recent of her five marriages).

If the truth be known, the distributors of Finding Your Feet wanted a Christmas release but were not prepared to take the risk. Their decision might just add a little extra to their box office receipts. 
The unoriginality of its script and predictability of its plot may have played against Finding Your Feet in trying to attract the older generation away from the alternative, taking grandchildren to Paddington 2. Given this, and the fact the trailer gives up the best one-liners, FYF is a sweet, slightly funny, sad at times, safe U.K. dramedy for the mature set. British stalwarts Staunton, Spall, Imrie and Lumley are the reasons this film will have a following. 7GUMS.      

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