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Saturday, 30 December 2017

No. 99 (2017) Borg McEnroe December 23th

Film No. 99 (2017) December 23rd.  8.00 PM SOMERVILLE U.W.A. Nedlands.


"It's the perfect rivalry. The baseline player and the net rusher" (A commentators view in the lead-up the Wimbledon final of 1980).


Advertised as a double bill, much like the titanic contest of 1980, but really becoming more of a Borg centric story comparing the enormous determination factors played out through very different on-court temperaments. Retelling high profile sports moments on screen can be fraught with danger. Only the real-life heroes can play the legitimate brand of tennis but Borg McEnroe nearly pulls it off. The tennis is passable. It's the character work of Gudnason (Borg) and Labeof (McEnroe) which stokes the fire here. I was hoping for more McEnroe family portraits. Borg got too big of a slice in my view. And finally, if you can't remember the result, don't look it up. The final tense scenes will be more rewarding if you don't. 8GUMS.

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