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Sunday, 24 December 2017

No. 96 (2017) Good Time December 12th

Film No. 96 (2017) December 12th.  8.00 PM  PIAF Film Festival, The Pines Joondalup.

"I told you about my brother yeah? I told you about the program he's forced to attend, and how he shouldn't be there?". (Connie talks about his brother Nick's predicament as he makes plans for a better future).

This riveting, if somewhat unnerving, film could well be the launch pad for bigger things for two new film makers; the Saftie brothers Benny and Josh. Good Time takes us into the mind of Connie (Robert Pattinson), a chaotic bank robber who's loyalty to his brother gives the film its spice. The robbery seems to go smoothly until there's a hitch. Connie and Nick are separated, and Nick gets arrested and put in prison. Connie needs to reunite with Nick (Benny Sadie) through blind loyalty and love. His endeavours to save Nick from prison are spine chillingly chaotic and ill-conceived. Pattinson is receiving, and for good reason, nominations aplenty for his brilliant work as Connie. Subtlety as a means to show the strength of loyalty to family is often committed to film, I'm attesting that there is nothing subtle about Good Time but it is no less powerful for that. 10GUMS.      

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