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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Film No. 90 (2017) The Boers At The End Of The World November 19th.

Film No. 90 (2017) November 19th.  5:10 PM Redmond Theatre, Ocean Reef.

"There's only about 45 people who speak Afrikaans and those who speak really good Afrikaans .... may only be 10". (A 4th generation descendant talks about the disappearing language of the community).

This earthy documentary told in clear High Def colour takes us to a world rich with history. During the Boer War in the early nineteen hundreds a community of Afrikaans families sailed across the Atlantic to Patagonia, Argentina to escape the violence. 116 years on there is a hankering from the descendants, particularly in the form of patriarch Ty Dickason (82), to return to their home land to re-connect. The Afrikaans dialect still spoken in their small community remains intact but it slowly dies with each new generation. Will Ty, who has never flown on a plane, get his wish to return to his roots? History told through the eyes of characters as earthy and hardened as the Patagonian rock and dust they live on. 10GUMS.      

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