Monday, 27 November 2017

Film No. 88 (2017) The Florida Project November 18th.

Film No. 88 (2017) November 18th.  11.00 PM LUNA PALACE,  Leederville. 

"These are the rooms we are not supposed to go in, but let's go in anyway". (Moonie cheekily introduces a new member of her gang to her motel world, the mauve coloured, Magic Castle).

A film depicting how life really is for young Moonie (Brooklynn Prince) and her seemingly adolescent mum Hally (Bria Vinaite) as they eke out an existence in a mauve coloured, $39 a night, motel complex in Tampa, Florida. The irony is, Disney World and the remnants of the GFC exist in abundance within running distance for an innocent 6 year old. Realism, especially from Moonie and her small fiends is rarely depicted with such conviction and power. New comers to the screen, Prince and Vinaite are exceptional as the small family we bleed for. Then there is Willem Dafoe as Bobby who has heart, but he's torn between compassion and keeping his job as a lowly motel manager. His performance may earn an Oscar nomination. Don't miss this, but only if you're looking for a warts and all experience. 11GUMS.     

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