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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Film No. 86 (2017) Only The Brave November 16th.

Film No. 86 (2017) November 16th.  6:45 PM Greater Union Event Cinema,  Innaloo.

"I want you all to breathe in this beautiful vista because once you're hotshots you're never going to be able to look into the wild like this again. (Eric Marsh delivers his message to the newbies in his crew as he  seeks to change their status).

This is typical of the type of tribute film with a Trump endorsed stamp all over it. This is not a criticism, just an observation based on all the facts now out in the public domain post the events this story is based around. Only The Brave follows the trials and tribulations of Eric Marsh's, Granite Mountain Hot Shots, in the lead up to the eventual climax in the fortunes of 20 brave men and their families. There are moments of bravado, boys own adventure, love, overcoming adversity, recognizing ones own frailties and those of others then finally compassion of the highest order. The sum of it's parts adds up to competent film making but it does try a little hard, a bit like Donald himself. A worthy tribute never the less. 8GUMS.    

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