Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Film No. 84 (2017) School Life November 8th.

Film No. 84 (2017) November 8th.  6.40 PM LUNA PALACE,  Leederville. 

"It's up to you what you think you can learn. All of you are in charge of your own lives". (The Headmaster of Headfort School impresses upon his students a philosophy always included in his introductory speech).

While nothing about Headford School, an hour's drive from Dublin, gives the impression it is an expensive, highly prestigious, U.K. boarding school, the sorts of good young people it produces would suggest otherwise. The corner stones of this riveting real life drama are career teachers John and Amanda Leydon. Both are in their 60's and totally devoted to the children. Scene after scene is played out demonstrating the unique brand of connection they make with each child. It's often said the happier the child in their junior years, the happier that person will be in life. I wouldn't mind betting, thanks to people like John and Amanda, a vast majority of those who started life at Headword would be enjoying their life.  11GUMS.   

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