Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Film No. 76 (2017) The Snowman October 18th.

Film No. 76 (2017) October 18th.  6:30 PM Greater Union Event Cinema,  Innaloo.

"He's been watching us the whole time, building snowmen, cutting things up into little pieces, he's tormenting us". (Harry Hole sums up The Snowman to his superior).

Most boxes are ticked in this retell of the very popular Joe Nesbo yarn; except the box marked rivetingly tense. Fassbender does a great job as the brooding Harry Hole, a partially broken man who has a nose for solving crime in this frozen world. The scenery and pure white landscape works and the sharp rapid fire editing gives the film a rhythm to match Nesbo's style. So what's wrong? It tries too hard, that's what, then a scene early in the film telegraphs who the killer is. It's a B grade thriller of reasonable calibre. Easy watching on a streaming network in a month or so I reckon.  6GUMS.    

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