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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Film No. 75 (2017) The Only Living Boy In New York October 15th.

Film No. 75 (2017) October 15th.  6.30 PM LUNA PALACE,  Leederville.  

"New York's most vibrant neighbour at the moment is Philadelphia, it's true". (Thomas makes relevant dinner party chat to impress his folks).

Here is a reasonably well written drama depicting the comfortably stationed middle class of New York and their emotional trials and tribulations. Unfortunately not even the oily voice over of Jeff Bridges or the beauty of Kate Beckinsale could make this Living Boy thrive. The one love connection of any substance is revealed too late to rescue the film from mediocrity. The script does have substance, but director Webb (500 Days of Summer) marginally fails, unfortunately, to legitimise that quality. Cynthia Nixon as our living boy's mother Judith would have made a better vehicle as opposed to Beckinsale's Johanna. Bridges is sure to attract an audience and he's at the centre of the film's twist. 6GUMS.     

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