Saturday, 7 October 2017

Film No. 70 (2017) L'Estate Addosso (Summertime) September 26th.

Film No. 70 (2017) September 27th.  6.00 PM  LUNA Paradiso, Northbridge.

"She basically just called us fags." (Frederico interprets Jules' Italian impressions of her new friends to partner Matt).

An Italian coming of age film told mainly in English. Teenage friends Paul (Joseph Haro) and Jules (Jessica Rothe) travel to San Fransisco for a Summer vacation. Their hosts, Matt and Frederico, (a gay couple live a free-wheeling life in the sun and fresh air) take our teenagers on a journey, if somewhat disjointedly, of self discovery which affects all who sail on this rainbow coloured vessel. A trip to Cuba is thrown in quite suddenly which will deservedly help tourism in that frail nation. Does Paul really come of age and get the girl (Jules)? Nearly!  7GUMS.     

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