Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Film No. 56 (2017) Perfect Strangers. July 29.

Film No. 56 (2017) July 29th.  11:00 PM Entertainment Centre Cinema Bunbury.

"We don't have any secrets". (Eva brings the dinner party to a silent pause as she states where she and Rocco's relationship stood).

This crowd pleasing Italian morality tale unravels as a stage play treating its player's frailties and secrets in the same way a rolling snowball careers out of control.  Friends gather for a dinner party at Rocco (Marco Giallini) and Eva's (Kasia Smutniak) on a once in a lifetime eclipse where a dare is played out. All at the dinner must reveal each call or message they receive during dinner. Each smart phone is laid on the table for all to view. No secret is easy to predict and there is a twist or two along the way. Then finally there is an ending that will have you guessing. See this with friends, leave your phone at home and swap theories as you exit. 8GUMS.      

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