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Friday, 4 August 2017

Film No. 54 (2017) Little Wing (Tytto nimeta Varpu). July 27.

Film No. 54 (2017) July 27th  6.30 PM  LUNA Paradiso, Northbridge.

"Can I sleep in your bed?" (Siru asks daughter Varpu, as a favour, to help her sleep).

Yet another film showcasing the talent of a highly competent child actor. Linnea Skog plays Varpu, a quietly precocious 12 year old keen to meet her father under her own steam in the cold, wet Finnish countryside. She is a rock for her slightly unhinged mother, and in so many way shows maturities and abilities beyond her years. But will there be more questions than answers behind the doors she knocks on seeking to find her father? The film belongs to Skog and her interpretation of playing an old soul in a twelve year old's body. 9GUMS.   

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