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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Film No. 41 The First Girl I Loved June 12th

Film No. 41 (2017) June 12th.  6.30 PM  LUNA Paradiso, Northbridge.

"I'm not comfortable with this, I feel like my daughter is being accused of something" (Anne's mother discusses her daughter's at a school mediation session).

Perhaps First Girl I Loved will gain a larger audience on a streaming network but this quirky love triangle gained a Sundance following which has caught the attention of cinema goers. It is vibrantly fresh with an excellent lead performance by Dylan Gelula as Anne. The male corner of the triangle lacks development hence the Netflix feel to the overall product. A film that takes risks and leaves us thinking for a day or two can't be all that bad. Thus First Girl has merit. Those with Homophobic tendencies may be best suited to steer clear. 7GUMS.     

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