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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Film No. 34 (2017) The Tip of the Iceberg. May 16th.

Film No. 34 (2017) May 16th  6.30 PM LUNA Paradiso, Northbridge.

"People don't commit suicide in this building, they commit suicide, period" (A manager answers Sofia's question about the prevalence of employees committing suicide while working on The Iceberg Project).

Sofia (Maribel Verdu) is appointed to conduct an internal enquiry into a spate of suicides in a division of the Multi-National company she works for. This sometimes surreal walk through a snapshot of Spain's GFC is slightly underwelming but never the less mesmerising. Verdu is excellent as the clean cut single minded executive, hell bent on finding truth in the maze of a male dominated culture. The GFC struck Spain with dire consequences, it continues to suffer those consequences. Iceberg gives us a sociological insight into one corporate condition. Only a few thrills for a film described as a thriller. 7GUMS.       

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