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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Film No. 32 (2017) Wilson. May 13th.

Film No. 32 (2017) May 13th.  11.00 AM LUNA PALACE, Leederville.

"It's like the ultimate argument, it says no I don't want your job, I want to destroy your entire society" (Wilson discusses his theory on a tattoo on a fellow in-mate with that in-mate).

It's rare to feel the need to walk out on a film mid screening. Wilson, unfortunately, gave me that urge. Harrelson is Wilson, an ageing grump with a strangely optimistic disposition. There is an original quality about Wilson but a character who's a cross between Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm) and Norman Wisdom (Norman Pitkin) is a bridge too far. Wilson contains a chuckle or two in the first half then a cringe or two in the second half. Laura Dern (Pippi) playing Wilson's ex is completely out of place and looks ill at ease in her role; embarrassingly so. The sum of Wilson's parts amounts to a misfire. 3GUMS.    

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