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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Film No. 31 (2017) The Sense of an Ending May 8th.

Film No. 31 (2017) May 8th.  6.30 PM LUNA WINDSOR Nedlands.

"What you end up remembering isn't exactly what you witnessed."(Tony reflects on the repercussions of his past with ex-wife Margaret).

This screen version of the Julian Barnes, Booker Prize winning novel translates beautifully to the big screen. The literary minority may disagree simply because the richness of Barnes's prose could only be captured on a page but given that it allows a vast majority of people the chance to taste his deep thought, it's worth this translation. In the hands of Ritesh Batra (The Lunchbox) semi-retired Tony (Jim Broadbent) is sent a legal letter which triggers memories of a dark moment in his past. Clever flashback sequences, a stellar cast and a subtle brooding storyline are bound to trigger personal memories of regret in the predominantly "baby boomer" audience set. British to the core and jolly well done. 9GUMS.     

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