Sunday, 14 May 2017

Film No. 30 (2017) Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer. May 6th.

Film No. 30 (2017) May 6th.  10.30 AM LUNA PALACE, Leederville.

"You're like a drowning man waving at an ocean liner" (Norman's nephew describes his uncle's behaviour ungraciously back to his uncle).

If, like me, you've had reservations about Richard Gere's range as an actor then Norman is the film to quash those doubts. Norman: The Moderate Rise etc is a clever, thought provoking small film with big ideas. Norman (Gere) brings to the screen no past only a future. We don't even hang out with him at home. Norman basically lives a fake life desperate to make deals to help a nephew (Michael Sheen) who humours him. Norman finally meets a deputy minister (Lior Ashkenazi) of the Israeli government, thus he moderately rises. What happens to Norman next is surprising both for Norman and his audience. The irony of Norman's behaviour is both original and real. Gere's performance is worthy of an award or three. 10GUMS.

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