Friday, 17 March 2017

Film No. 16 (2017) Loving March 9th.

Film No. 16 (2017) March 9th.  6.45 PM LUNA Paradiso, Northbridge.

"We just love each other, we're not doing anyone any harm" (Richie Loving states his case to anyone who has an inclination to listen).

The marriage between Mildred and Richie Loving in the late sixties depicted in the Time/Life photographs showing their unabashed love for one another will remain etched in the fabric of the U.S. psyche  for eternity. Loving captures the essence of what can happen to good people when injustice threatens to strangle their spirit. Then when good people, with influence, find them and fight their case the marriage law in the U.S. is changed for ever. In a landscape of films re-enacting real events Loving is a stand out. Edgerton and Negga don't need dialogue to convey exactly how much outrage we feel for their predicament. 10GUMS. 

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