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Film No. 7 (2017) Neruda January 27th.

Film No. 7 (2017) January 27th.  8.00 PM THE PINES Outdoor Cinema Joondalup.

"They say that Neruda is the most important communist in the world" (A comment made in the Chilean parliament).

Pablo Neruda was a larger than life human being. He'll be remembered by most as a great Chilean for his poetry, his intellect, his socialist values and for his many legendary feats. It's the legend that gives this surrealist film, simply called Neruda, it's legs. Another Pablo, Pablo Larrain, fresh from the stunning Jackie, put's his spin on the legend of Neruda. More specifically the months in 1948 after his government issued a warrant for his arrest due to his communist views.

So while Neruda (Luis Gnekko) existed and became a wanted man, Larrain devised a fictional detective Oscar (Gael Garcia Bernal)to seek Pablo out after he went into hiding. Oscar is up against it. Most of the population of Chile revered Neruda so they went out of their way to conceal him. Oscar becomes the fall guy for all of the antics Neruda can muster. 

Oscar is the cat and Neruda the mouse. The idea is clever and while it is definitely a mood piece, one also needs to be in the mood for Neruda. In the same way Larrain infused Jackie with a veil of poetic licence Neruda is laced with unique interpretations. The comic bordello scene as Neruda is camouflaged amongst scantly clad women is a typical example. Larrain is renowned for the research he puts into his projects; it's the colour he then splashes across his interpretation of those facts which makes him unique.

For those who have studied Chilean history and are aware of Neruda's influence - don't miss Neruda. Likewise for those who are fascinated with Larrain's style or especially those who loved Jackie and his interpretation of her grief. Otherwise take a mood check. You'll need to be in the mood for Neruda.   8GUMS.

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