Thursday, 19 January 2017

Film No. 5 (2017) Split January 16th.

Film No. 5 (2017) January 16th.  7.00 PM HOYTS Garden City Booragoon.

"You've emailed me for an emergency appointment two days in a row, tell me what's going on?" (Dr Karen Fletcher asks Barry the reason for his change of behaviour).

M Night Shyamalan seemed to have lost his touch after the success of The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable, so much so he received a major raspberry for The Happening ten years ago. Well this talented director is back, the highly taut and entertaining Split places him back in the box office spotlight.

The film's title relates to the many personalities of Kevin,(James McAvoy)including Dennis, Kevin, Hedwig and many more . Some of those personalities are in therapy with Dr Fletcher (Betty Buckley) who gives us the impression she may unknowingly hold the key to assisting three girls who have been taken hostage by Dennis in a brazen carpark kidnapping. 

It's here I must cease my plot summary other than to say McAvoy is brilliant as the lead performer as is Anya Taylor-Joy as the mysterious Casey. I say M Night is back to his best because he layers Split with handsome images and unpredictable turns. More importantly however he concludes with a twist which had the crowd at my preview reaching for their phones for further research and thought.

I forgot to mention there is a 24th personality introduced to Kevin's closet of personas late in the film. I'm pretty sure it's a key to M Night's twist which draw's the curtain on Split but I'm still thinking about that.  9GUMS. 

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