Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Film No. 4 (2017) Paterson January 15th.

Film No. 4 (2017) January 15th.  8.00 PM THE PINES Outdoor Cinema Joondalup.

"I had a beautiful dream, we had twins" (Paterson's partner, Laura wakes and answers Paterson's query about how well she slept).

Along with Richard Linklater and Hal Hartley, Jim Jarmusch is a film artist of the unique kind. I still fleetingly think about the originality of scenes from Mystery Train and Night on Earth. Jarmusch is not to everyone's taste because of the reflective, often quiet pacing he adopts. His films usually depict gentle, warm, good people ... I can sense Jarmusch devotees salivating already; Paterson is everything you'd expect of a Jarmusch film.

Paterson (Adam Driver) lives in Paterson New Jersey, the largest city in NJ and home to comedian Lou Costello where a statue and park commemorate it's most famous resident. We track a week in Paterson's life and while on the surface his daily routine is mundane and uneventful the machinations of his observations, his interactions and his insightful poetry leave a warm glow. And it wouldn't be a Jarmusch film with out a visual puzzle or two along the way.

There is no forward story, except for two cut away shots of Paterson in uniform on his bedside table. He has a sweet, loving relationship with his partner Laura, beautifully played by Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani; they encourage one another to fulfil their dreams. The legitimate gentleness of their relationship is captivating. Laura tells Paterson about her dream that they had twins, and so Jarmusch plants twins of varying ages in random scenes from then on. Could it be Paterson notices twins more readily or is it a reminder to duplicate his notebook of poems?

Then there is Marvin, their British bulldog. Marvin is the catalyst for a few of Patersons other small pleasures. Each weekday evening Paterson walks Marvin to his local bar. Marvin waits patiently outside while Paterson "chews the fat" with owner Doc and others. Marvin sits, waits and contemplates acts of naughtiness (look out for the mailbox mystery) he may unleash on Paterson. It's all part of the spell Jarmusch puts us under. Fan's will luxuriate in Paterson, my hope is that others will love the experience, then seek out other films from his catalogue.  11GUMS.   



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