Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Film No. 46 (2014) The Rover June 30th.

Film No. 46 (2014) June 30th. 7.00 PM LUNA SX Fremantle. 

The Rover

"Fear the man with nothing to lose", is the catch phrase on the promotional poster for this bleak, violent film. Played against the backdrop of some of the harshest Australian countryside one could imagine, David Michod (Animal Kingdom) returns to direct Guy Pearce in a way not seen since George Miller did the same for Mel Gibson in Mad Max.

We meet Eric (Pearce) early in the film, he's on the road in the outback, heading somewhere or is he? He stops for a break, and while resting he has his car stolen. For the next 95 minutes we watch on as he stops at nothing to retrieve his humble Holden sedan. A simplistic storyline maybe but there is a mystery to solve as he embarks on his quest.

Pearce is riveting as the driven Eric but Robert Pattinson is outstanding as the "half daft" Rey, who appears under strange circumstances part way through the film. Rey is the brother of one of the thieves Eric pursues. From their first meeting their partnership grows until, inevitably, they become reliant on one another.

I feel there will be no middle ground when it comes to enjoying this film. I love being taken on new journeys especially if the Australian flavour is original with a sense of mystery. I enjoyed The Rover; for those who prefer not to be unnerved by their films, leave this one alone. 9GUMS.  

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