Thursday, 14 June 2018

No. 48 (2018) Edie June 7th.

Film No. 48 (2018) June 7th.  6:30 PM LUNA  Palace Northbridge. 

"Nancy, I'm letting you know I'm going away for a few days" (Edie makes a decision and understates the trip she is about to take, in a voice message to her daughter).

Edie (Sheila Hancock) tries and tries to push our compassion trigger points harder than she tries to climb Mount Suilven itself and that's saying something for an 85 year old. The problem with Edie (the film) is, one can't make up ones mind if it's a feature length travelogue or a corporate team building, moral boosting, audio visual presentation. The overly earnest soundtrack would suggest the former. Hancock however sucks in a breath of fresh air for all of us on her journey of discovery and if the inspiration she generates in Edie flows onto people of her generation anywhere in the world then the film becomes a wonderful vehicle. The same can be said for the beautiful seaside town of Lochinver on the north west coast of Scotland. If the town's tourists double over the next few years due to the director's stunning drone work, there's another win. It's just a pity that, unlike Local Hero, the storytelling is naff! 6GUMS.


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