Saturday, 19 May 2018

No. 41 (2018) Cargo May 12th.

Film No 41 (2018) May 12th.  11:00 AM  LUNA PALACE Leederville . 

"You're the first people I've seen, the first people who are real people". (Lorraine ).

A zombie thriller, but don't be turned off by the word zombie because while the genre title works, Cargo is an A Grade thriller. The Australian bushland plays a leading role here; the wide open spaces and it's indigenous population become an essential ingredient to this tense drama. We enter Andy (Martin Freeman) and Kay's (Suzie Porter) world while cruising eerily up a desolate river in isolated outback Australia. They are tense. Their infant daughter Rosie (very cute kid) an obvious priority while something very wrong is eminent in the world. I recommend you hook up with them in their desperate search for survival. The original people of the land may hold the key here to what lies ahead. I'm no fan of zombie themed cinema; Cargo got me in. Cargo has recently been released on Netflix but I recommend a big screen viewing. 9GUMS.


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