Wednesday, 11 April 2018

No. 28 (2018) Abracadabra April 5th.

Film No. 28 (2018) April 5th.  6:30 PM LUNA Paradiso Northbridge. 

"How do I know if the man I'm with is my husband or the other guy?" (Carmen asks Pepe's mentor for help in her marital matters).

This light, poignant morality tale on marriage has its moments. Some of those moments are laugh out loud scenes with smatterings of physical comedy. Our view of the marriage is told mostly through the eyes of Carmen (Maribel Verdu) as she suffers the abrasive and often uncaring behaviour of husband Carlos (Antonio de la Torre). Then at a wedding reception,during cousin Pepe's (Jose Mota) amateurish hypnotic act, Carlos is invaded by the ghost of a murderous waiter, the change in his personality is surprising for all. Carmen is treated gently and with great thoughtfulness but only sometimes; she decides to seek meaning behind her husbands transformation. Her journey becomes the core of the film. It's original and has a finale which leaves you thinking. But it loses its way at odd times along the way. 8GUMS.


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