Saturday, 7 April 2018

No. 27 (2018) Aus dem Nichts (In The Fade) April 3rd.

Film No 27 (2018) April 3rd.  2:50 PM  LUNA PALACE Leederville . 

"If they had killed me and my son and my husband lived, he would have done something". (Katja tells her lawyer about an alternative scenario which might have occurred if the outcome of the trial concluded in the same way).

Diane Kruger plays lead character Katja Sekerci in such a mesmerizing fashion it's easy to see why she won best female actor at Cannes in 2017. In The Fade tells the story, in 3 chapters, of a mother so wracked with grief after the death of her son and husband in such a senseless and gruesome manner that she can hardly retain any motivation to live. Our journey, however bleak, is her journey as she tries to cope with heartbreaking grief. The chapters (Family, Justice and The Sea) play like her stages of emotional management. The justice scenes are particularly gripping. Experiencing the German judicial system in this manner was a lesson in law itself. Kruger shines in this gripping tale. Oh, and the final image offers up a puzzle, I'm still unsure its meaning. 10GUMS 



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