Saturday, 31 March 2018

No. 25 (2018) Early Man March 24th

Film No. 25 (2018) March 22nd.  2:30 PM EVENT Cinemas Innaloo. 

"You better go easy on the potato juice before you get .... chip faced." (A typical Dug comment in the lead up to the big game).

I love the works of Aardman especially when Nick Park is in control, thus my bias towards any new feature film from their stable will be obvious. With an aim to being more even handed about my review I invited a 12, a 10 and a 7 year old to a showing of Early Man so I might sit and observe the reactions of those who will be most entertained by E.M. The verdict; thumbs up on all counts. "It was fun, really fun" was the comment from the seven year old. The honesty of the young when it comes to cinema is most often uninhibited. For me, I think the simplicity of the storyline (the lower class winning a contest against all odds to gain back what is rightfully theirs) with a blend of sophisticated humour and uniquely brilliant stop-motion animation adds up to a fun 85 minutes. I predict mums, dads, grandparents alike will jostle for the right to host the kids to Early Man, maybe they'll compromise; they'll all go! 10GUMS

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