Saturday, 3 February 2018

No. 9 (2018) Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri January 27th.

Film No. 9 (2018) January 27th.  4:30 PM Greater Union Event Cinema,  Innaloo. 

"You know, if you hadn't stopped coming to church, you'd have a little more understanding of people's feelings." (Father Montgomery visits Mildred's house to offer some advice after the artwork on the billboards is completed).

The Golden Globes (Best Drama) have already rewarded Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri(TBOEM) which is not to be sneezed at. Frances McDormond is tipped to win Best Lead in a Female role at The Oscars, so there is lots to like about this highly entertaining film. So why do I think it's a good film but not an award winning film? Martin McDonagh has a reputation for devising and directing sharp, clever, funny dialogue. In Bruges rates as a black comedy of epic proportions. TBOEM seems to want to be taken more seriously, or does it? An example being, bad guy Dixon (Sam Rothwell) changes his demeanour suddenly and far too conveniently, for this highly entertaining film to be taken as seriously as McDonagh would like. I think I expected more but got a bloody good film anyway. TBOEM won't disappoint. 9GUMS.   

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  1. Hey!

    It's not that the film wants to be taken seriously. Dixon "has to" become a good guy fast for the film to deliver the point of "what if"...

    And also to show us (in a reasonable time) that we always have to do our best and not give in bo matter what.
    Because we knever know what good or bad will come of our good or bad deeds. (ref: chinese farmer, allan watts)
    But if we only do our best, we will never regret.

    Hope you understand me.