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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

No. 17 (2018) Human Flow February 23rd.

Film No 17 (2018) February 23rd.  10:45 PM  LUNA PALACE Leederville . 

"65 million people have been displaced and have sought refuge in other countries since World War II. Of that, it is unknown how many million lost their lives while trying". (A statistic shown on-screen during the screening).

I live in Australia. I had no say in being born into a life of freedom and choice. I walked from Human Flow thanking my lucky stars. Chinese film maker Ai Weiwei has created a film aiming to instil a sense of compassion into everyone blessed with a life beyond the imagination of the very many helpless subjects who star in Human FlowWeiwei takes us on a journey to most corners of the globe. His gentle handling of desperate people via drones, HD lenses and unsteady phone cam angles adds depth and dimension to the compassion he shares. His group discussion with the Palestinian women imprisoned in their own country on the Gaza Strip is a highlight. Wouldn't it be great if all the world watched Human Flow thus triggering an outpouring of compassion whereby every country shared the acceptance load? 10GUMS.       


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