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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

No. 3 (2018) The Post January 14th.

Film No. 3 (2018) January 14th  7.10 PM FENWICK 3 Cinemas Esperance.

"To make this decision to risk her fortune and the company that's been her life, well I think that's brave." (Toni Bradlee makes a point to her husband Ben about the risks his boss would be taking).

The Post is an important story as part of the fabric of what we now know as the catastrophe of The Vietnam War. In the hands of Spielberg we get a clinical costume drama which, importantly, gives the opportunity for viewers other than film buffs to experience the power of democracy when an ultimate truth must be revealed. Kay Graham (Meryl Streep) owns The Washington Post, she is just about to go public with the company, so does she follow her heart or her head when it comes to allowing editor Bradlee (Hanks) to publish on matters of immense public interest? For me, the real hero is whistleblower Ellsberg (The American's Matthew Rhys), a yesteryear Julian Assange. The Post will, once again, have you googling names like Graham, Ellsberg and Bradlee but more importantly may have you seeking All The President's Men, a far superior film. Spielberg is pointed in his choice of final scene here. 9GUMS.         

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