Saturday, 30 December 2017

No. 98 (2017) Detroit December 20th

Film No. 98 (2017) December 20th.  3.10 PM  LUNA Paradiso, Northbridge

"You don't talk about this to anyone ever, do you understand?" (Police Officer Krause makes a suggestion to hostages as the siege comes to an end).

Katherine Bigalow's depiction of the events which occurred in Detroit during the race riots of 1967 is a masterclass in docu-drama film-making, important as a reminder to us all  as to why we still have much to learn when it comes to injustice, and more specifically, racism. There is a clever opening sequence, presented as a short lesson in Detroit's past, told in simple animation which sets a solid foundation for the events leading to the unwarranted deaths of three black Americans. Bigelow subtly blends her talented ensemble cast through sliding door moments which lead them to The Algiers Motel in the riot torn 12th Street district. So what happened? From all accounts Detroit does the story justice, but another form of justice is truly lacking for the real victims. 10GUMS.        

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