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Sunday, 24 December 2017

No. 97 (2017) The Teacher December 19th

Film No. 97 (2017) December 19th.  3.40 PM  LUNA Camelot, Mosman Park.

"I will now read out your names, each of you will stand up and tell me where your parents work". (Teacher Maria introduces herself, then begins her trek into the lives of others).

What if you were a parent of a child in a school in repressed Prague, Czechoslovakia, in the early eighties and your child had a teacher that knew how to gain favours by using them as a pawn? The Teacher is a wonderfully dark film with so many layers of human emotion rubbed raw by a character, Maria (Zuzana Maurery), who displays an array of  psychopathic tendencies as she manipulates her way through her professional life at Bratislava Suburban School. The best acting energy comes from the adolescent cast. Young wrestler Filip (Oliver Oswald) has a small role but gives us the sort of hero The Teacher needs. This is unique story telling which gives us a greater understanding of stressed people trying to do what is right for themselves and their children. 10GUMS.    

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