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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Film No. 89 (2017) Liewe Kersfeesvader (Dear Santa Klaus) November 18th.

Film No. 89 (2017) November 18th.  8:10 PM Redmond Theatre, Ocean Reef.

"Hello, my name is Nonnie and my father is a lunatic". (Nonnie quietly prays during a sacred moment).

A richly themed modern day Christmas musing told through the eyes of Nonnie, a teenage beauty queen, about to embark on a family odyssey brought about by the sudden departure of her mother from the bosom of the family. Mila Guy as Nonnie brings a mesmerising quality to the screen with a combination of poise and beauty. Nonnie is the rock on which her dad, Herman (Morne Visser) who thinks he's Father Christmas and her fun-loving brother can lean, only they don't know it. Discounting the elongated ending this South African festive tale is a rare gem with an ample heart. Look out for Mila Guy on the world stage in coming years. 9GUMS.      

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