Thursday, 2 November 2017

Film No. 79 (2017) The Midwife October 21s.

Film No. 79 (2017) October 22nd.  4.30 PM LUNA WINDSOR Nedlands.

"I thought you were a Hungarian princess with Russian blood". (Claire reveals to her estranged step mother  early in their reunion after a prolonged separation).

What a fine way to team the two great Catherine's (Frot and Deneuve), telling a not unexpected story of women restoring a relationship once fractured. Claire (Frot) is the midwife dealing with a health system hell bent on saving money through technology and a once, much loved step-mother, Beatrice (Deneuve) suddenly seeking to rekindle the same devotion afforded to her 30 years prior. Does it work? Is the feel good premise telegraphed? Are we in awe of the work of these two talented actors? Does the ending give off a real world experience? Yes, yes, yes and yes on all counts.  9GUMS. 

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