Sunday, 1 October 2017

Film No. 69 (2017) Tommy's Honour September 26th.

Film No. 69 (2017) September 26th.  6.00 PM  LUNA Paradiso, Northbridge.

"You're a hero to this town but a gentleman you'll never be." (Club captain Alexander Boothy complements young Tommy after yet another of his Open victories in typical class encrusted fashion).

A film made mainly for golf fanatics to honour the memory of the two Tommys'. Tommy Morris, senior and junior, (Peter Mullan and Jack Lowden) are bought to life as a celluloid monument to honour their contribution to one of the world's most celebrated international games. Recreating sporting stories can be fraught with credibility dangers and Tommy's Honour has more highs than lows as it skims the surface of the golfers swing and spends time on love, life and the human spirit. Mullan returns to his Scottish roots and revels as the rock on which the foundation of golf lies. The motivation to read a little more of the Morris's legend after exiting the cinema will take hold. 8GUMS.    

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