Friday, 29 September 2017

Film No. 68 (2017) Final Portrait September 18th.

Film No. 68 (2017) September 18th.  6.30 PM LUNA WINDSOR Nedlands.

"If it doesn't turn out any good, I'll have to give up. Don't laugh!". (Giacometti exhales a stream of consciousness to his subject James Lord,  who happens to scoff).

A simple story about a legendary, eccentric artist (Giacometti) who flatters a young critic into posing, in his Paris studio, as the subject of another of his famous portraits. No surprise then that Geoffrey Rush plays the artist as only Geoffrey can. The key to the excellence of Stanley Tucci's project is the style of the film which captures the essence of "a man in a mess" (Giacometti). Most of the shoot is based around the artist's studio, which becomes a character in itself. James Lord (Arnie Hammer) poses for longer than the 3 hours promised, a lot longer. Giacometti has been a pet project of Tucci's for ages, so much so he had earlier lined up Colin Firth (Giacometti) and Ryan Reynolds (Lord) as first choice players. My guess is Rush and Hammer pleased him no end. 9GUMS.  

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