Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Film No. 52 (2017) The Trip to Spain. July 22.

Film No. 52 (2017) July 22nd.  11.00 AM LUNA PALACE, Leederville.  

"If his grandmother tasted like this, I'd have a nibble" (Rob Bryden throws away another line as he tastes a morsel from the table at one of their indulgences).

Another dish of a film served up by the comedians who brought us The Trip (2010) and The Trip to Italy (2014). Different country, slightly different culinary delights with similar exchanges of clever banter delivered to entertain each other but due to the talent on show we are captivated. Coogan's Mick Jagger is to die for and Bryden takes Brando's Vito Corleone to a new level. The side line story focuses on Coogan's family, his love life  and professional ego but there is little substance. With so much improvisation the narrative is loose. Like a rich taleggio torta the initial mouthfuls of The Trip to Spain are a delight. 9GUMS.      

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