Thursday, 13 April 2017

Film No. 24 (2017) The Fate of The Furious April 11th.

Film No. 24 (2017) April 12th.  6.30 PM Greater Union Event Cinema, Innaloo.

"She's the very definition of high tech terrorism" (The description expressed by a government representative to describe Cipher played by a very mean looking Charlize Theron).

As I'm not the Fast and Furious type and seeing this was my first taste of the franchise, I thought I'd ask a welded on devotee to give me an insight into the mayhem I'd just witnessed. "This was the best, man! It doesn't get any crazier than this and to have someone as gorgeous as Charlize as the bad dude is really cool," was the response. It's definitely the closest live action film not categorised as animation I've ever seen. Not being aware of some of the back story was restrictive but then again I'm not a devotee. So, devotee = 10GUMS. Me = 2GUMS.   

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